Car Breakdowns that are Frequent

It is important to detect special signs before the actual breakdown of your vehicle. Breakdowns can cause you to call a towing company, such as Modern cars are usually equipped with telltale lights. In the case of car breakdowns, specialists are able to find the cause of the breakdown and proceed to its repair.

The most frequent car breakdowns

We do not go into this brief article about car breakdowns by brand. We will devote another article to this purpose. We will only mention the main breakdowns that can happen to your vehicle. The breakdowns of cars are divided into three important types if you want: mechanical breakdowns, electrical circuit failures, and electronic failure which concerns especially new automobiles. According to the INC, the most frequent breakdowns are related to the battery and the brake pads. This is the ranking of breakdowns registered with consumers, following the study conducted by the National Institute of Consumption:

  • Ignition and electricity engine: (battery, alternator, candles)
  • the brake pads.
  • the distribution chains.
  • engine electronics.
  • brake discs or drums.
  • supply: injection, electronic injection pump, injectors)
  • engine cooling: radiator, pellets, coolant.
  • lights: headlights, taillights, stop, bulbs)
  • ancillary parts: starter, flowmeter, exhaust.
  • heating and air conditioning.

Faults from the car battery

The problem that often poses the battery remains insufficient charge leading to inefficiency of the starter and the alternator. Leaving one or more of the energy-consuming components such as ventilation, defroster, radio, seat heater or even headlights on may lead to a malfunction of the battery.

Car Breakdowns related to the alternator

After a period of use, it happens that the alternator belt wears, thus preventing the operation of the alternator and by ricochet all the elements attached thereto. You can foresee this problem from the abnormal noises coming from the hood of your car and proceed as quickly as possible to the change of the belt.

Recognize a failure

Most cars are equipped with indicator lights in the dashboard. These signals are placed directly in front of the driver to allow him to see the anomaly in time, otherwise make use of Brussels auto repair. These signals indicate car failures related to a fuel system failure, insufficient battery charge, low engine oil level, insufficient cooling water temperature, no fuel in the tank, low fuel pressure brake fluid, malfunction ABS.

It is important to prevent car breakdowns. But if you can’t, you should have some road safety training which will help you stay calm if something were to happen.