Car Breakdowns that are Frequent

It is important to detect special signs before the actual breakdown of your vehicle. Breakdowns can cause you to call a towing company, such as Modern cars are usually equipped with telltale lights. In the case of car breakdowns, specialists are able to find the cause of the breakdown and proceed to its repair. […]

What is the use of road safety training?

With the advent of new automotive technology, the road environment has become a complex environment. The regulation and driving licenses are apparently insufficient to ensure the safety of road users; hence the need for road safety training. An overview on road safety It is a mechanism instituted by the government, and relayed by certain structures […]

Winter Maintenance for Vehicles

Snow, rain, ice, wind, negative temperatures … your vehicle is about to undergo the torments of winter. How should you provide winter maintenance for your vehicle and avoid mechanical hazards? Visibility, tires, de-icing, battery, washing: review the main points of your vehicle. Preserve your visibility In winter, with frequent snow or rain and the night […]