What is the use of road safety training?

With the advent of new automotive technology, the road environment has become a complex environment. The regulation and driving licenses are apparently insufficient to ensure the safety of road users; hence the need for road safety training.

An overview on road safety

It is a mechanism instituted by the government, and relayed by certain structures and institutions, to inform and sensitize the population on the risks of the road, the way to avoid them, but also to face them. Thus, it is a whole set of measures that aim to avoid, or mitigate, road accidents. This operation affects all road users: drivers, passengers, but also pedestrians. Because everyone can be a victim, or responsible for this type of accident. It is not a question of making them feel guilty, but, rather, to inform and empower them. In fact, road safety is first and foremost common sense. All this shows the importance of many interventions, among others, in schools.

The usefulness of road safety training

The usual apprenticeship seems no longer sufficient to ensure the safety of road users. But, it must, by continuous road safety training. In practice, the latter, in a globalizing way. Indeed, they take into account all aspects of driving, such as the appearance:

  • physiological: which allows to define the human and individual limits in terms of capabilities;
  • psychological: which turns to the knowledge on the psychic development, would try to apprehend the attitudes and behaviors at the wheel;
  • sociological: which allows us to grasp the role and influence of the automobile on social relations.

And it is this approach, provoking questioning and reflection, that helps to develop awareness and empowerment in action. An awareness that allows access to a culture of the automobile, promoting the state of passenger and pedestrian, that of driver.

Useful by its approach

The purpose of road safety training is to change the behavior of road users, with the aim of improving safety. To achieve it, they intervene in various fields, such as prevention, information, and also awareness. Namely, road education in schools, information, and awareness, through campaigns in the media, on the internet and social networks as well as through posters.


To be fully effective, this prevention must be accepted and understood by everyone. It must be simple, fun, and based on modern means of awareness, as the simulator.