Winter Maintenance for Vehicles

Snow, rain, ice, wind, negative temperatures … your vehicle is about to undergo the torments of winter. How should you provide winter maintenance for your vehicle and avoid mechanical hazards? Visibility, tires, de-icing, battery, washing: review the main points of your vehicle.

Preserve your visibility

In winter, with frequent snow or rain and the night falling faster, your visibility can be compromised on the road. The following are some winter maintenance tips for your visibility.

  • Fill up with special winter windshield washer, which will not freeze in the ducts. And remember to bring a reserve in your chest. Indeed, the roads are often dirty in winter and projections on the windshield very annoying.
  • Check that your wipers are wiping the windshield well. Rubbers can harden with cold.
  • Check the status of your headlights. You will need it for optimal lighting. Change the bulbs if needed and always have a box of bulbs in your car. Take the opportunity to clean your headlights.
  • Finally you should remember to put a pair of moon heads sun in your glove box. The sun reflecting on the snow or a wet road can be blinding.

Winter Maintenance for your Tires

Depending on the region in which you live, you can mount winter tires on your vehicle before the arrival of cold weather. They are recommended when temperatures are below 7 ° C. Their structure allows a better grip on cold roads. In return, their softer gums wear out faster and they are a little noisier.

The cold reduces the pressure in the tires. It is therefore recommended to increase the pressure by 0.2 bar.

Finally, if you have to go to the mountains, check that you have chains adapted to the dimensions of the wheels of your vehicle. They may be required to pass over the mountain. To mount them, think of bringing warm gloves and a flashlight.

Anticipate defrosting

Winter maintenance, with regards frost is very important. Check the status of your heating and your ventilation because that will be put to the test during the winter. You may need to add antifreeze coolant to the radiator.

In the evening, you can take off the wipers from the windshield to prevent them from freezing on the glass. You can also coat the door seals and trunk to prevent them from sticking.

To defrost outside your windows, start the engine and allow the ventilation to thoroughly defrost the windshield. Then use your squeegee. De-icing bombs can help but they are not environmentally friendly. Avoid pouring hot water: the heat shock could break the glass.

Finally, plan to use a chamois leather to wipe the fog that could form inside the windshield.

If you’re interested in more tips for winter maintenance on your vehicle, check out this article from Farmers Insurance.